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ECOBIOFOR develops more sustainable coatings including new synthesized bio-based solvents

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ECOBIOFOR Project FLYER 15-12-2016


Duration of the project: 27 months (from 1-September-2014 until 30-November-2016)

Kick Off Meeting (26th September 2014) at Santiago de Compostela (SPAIN), into the Biospain 2014 conference (, which is organised by ASEBIO SME association.

International presentation of ECOBIOFOR at Biospain 2014: Pr. Carlos Garcia Vaca from INPT will participate into the session entitled “European Commitment for Bioeconomy: case studies” at BioSpain 2014 on the 25th September, where he will have the opportunity to speak about our project for dissemination purposes.

24-26.09.2014 - Biospain 2014 & Proyecto Europeo ECOBIOFOR

26.09.2014 -Tecnalia lidera un Proyecto BIO en pinturas y barnices

28.09.2014 - ECOBIOFOR coatings

6.10.2014 - Tecnalia’s ECOBIOFOR project sekks to obtain bio-based coatings, inks & more

23.10.2014 - Las compañías españolas se vuelcan en los biocombustibles

03.06.2015 - Poster Ecobiofor in RRB11 - UK

Poster RBB11 UK 2015.pdf

21.10.2015 - Ecobiofor gains momentum

Ecobiofor gains momentum_151023 CEPE.pdf

December-2015. Ecobiofor article Verf&Inkt magazine

Ecobiofor article Verf-Inkt magazine.December-2015.Dutch.pdf

Ecobiofor article Verf-Inkt magazine.December-2015.English.pdf

08.04.2016 - Poster Ecobiofor in BIOMEET-Portugal

Poster Biomeed Portugal 2016.pdf

20.04.2016 - Developing bio-based paints and solvents. BEsustainable magazine

Developing bio-based paints and solvents.pdf

22.05.2016 - Poster Ecobiofor in SETAC 2016-France

Poster Setac 2016.pdf

01.06.2016 - Evento sobre Biodisolventes. La química verde al servicio de las empresas

Tecnalia Express-Intranet_Evento sobre Biodisolventes.pdf

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  ECOBIOFOR has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under Grant Agreement nº [605215].