ECOBIOFOR Objectives

The main objective of the ECOBIOFOR project is to develop by -easier chemical or biotech- transformation ways- novel bio-based solvents to be used in the Coatings Industry as a way to promote in Europe a transition towards sustainable production and consumption patterns.



1- Synthesizing some of the most used organic solvents in coatings coming from bio-resources. Bringing new easier chemical routes to developed bio-based solvents. The selected solvents are several organic solvents which are used both in solvents-based formulations (acetates/ketones) and in water-based ones (glycols as coalescents) in the coatings industry. The selected candidates are classified as readily biodegradable (according to OECD 301 Guideline tests).

2- Development & optimization of enzymatic synthesis of a reactive solvent (FAGE) able to substitute aromatic and aliphatic solvents in oxidative drying coatings. Biodegradability will be assessed.

3- Looking for already developed green alternatives from SOLVSAFE2 to be used in some specific coating processes. The solvents intended to be replaced are especially some aromatic hydrocarbons such as xylene, or toluene, which cannot be synthesized by a “bio” way. New mixtures of these green solvents will be designed in order to meet specifications of targeted application.

4- Formulation of coatings/paints with the developed bio-based solvents:

     - Solvent-based formulations: Industrial and Building paints/varnishes in 1 and 2 component systems.  

    So, the paint systems will be used on metal, glass fibber or other plastic surfaces [Industrial coatings].

     - Water-based formulations: Treatment, decoration and protection of indoor and outdoor surfaces:

     [Architectural & Decorative coatings] i.e. for walls facades and wood substrates.

5- Revalorisation of co-products of the syntheses in coatings and in other sectors.


1- Optimizing the price according to the process methodology looking for cost effective processes both in chemical and biotech syntheses.

2- Achieving high performance characteristics with bio-based products similar to those obtained with fossil-oil resources based systems for industrial application, drying and properties.

3- Bringing to the market new bio-based products: Development of “Ecopaint Bio-based Formulations”, introducing “bio” ingredients in the form of solvent (LCA assessment).



1- Boosting the use of renewable resources, reducing dependency on fossil resources. Reducing Carbon footprint by the increase of bio-based/renewable content in coatings formulations.

2- Reducing emissions of aromatic volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) to the atmosphere in Coatings Industry, trying to substitute aromatic compounds especially in oxidative drying systems and in cleaning applications.

3- The selected target solvents will be all readily biodegradable in the soil or water, i.e., they will not bioaccumulate or persist in the environment, and they will have relative low ecotoxicity.

4- Improvement of the competitiveness of Biotech and Coatings SMEs (1009 SMEs are represented).

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  ECOBIOFOR has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under Grant Agreement nº [605215].