ASSOCIAÇÃO PORTUGUESA DE BIOINDÚSTRIAS was created in 1999, with the objective of bringing together the emergent Portuguese Bio-industries in order to establish a database of information related to biotechnology’s developments in Portugal: communitarian and national legislation; industrial property rights; incentives; promotion and establishment of partnerships between national and international companies; public opinion towards Biotechnology, European initiatives and possible sources of ventures capital, etc. Portuguese companies would then be able to follow the evolution of this highly competitive market, developing new technologies and investigate the ones they already have. APBIO is the Portuguese partner of EUROPABIO for the SME Project, in which Biotechnological SME, Universities and Research Laboratories in 12 countries, receive assistance and information to successfully participate on the 7th Framework Programme.

Today, APBIO SME association, aims to support the success and competitiveness of Biotechnology companies by creating a favourable environment for their development. Presently, APBIO has 30 members, of which 16 are SMEs (80%), representing over 50% of the Biotechnology companies in Portugal. Its first objective is to promote the commercialization of Portuguese Biotechnology at an international level. It promotes the associated companies´ interests in the National, European and Worldwide markets.

APBIO intends to implement strategic partnerships in collaboration with government bodies, companies and different stakeholders in order to attract foreign direct investment, facilitate the international outreach of SME’s and the incorporation of biotechnologies in the existing industry to develop a dynamic national/global cluster.


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  ECOBIOFOR has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under Grant Agreement nº [605215].