CASTELLANO PEINTURES is a French SME created in 1850. It is a familiar enterprise. CASTELLANO is specialized in the manufacturing and sale of products such as paints, solvents and other chemical products. The company has always been focusing its efforts in the development and production of high performing industrial coatings. This specialization has given rise to the development of a wide range of products (basecoat and topcoats) for the Merchant Navy and Air force, givint it a leading position in the market. CASTELLANO can provide each costumer with a paint or paint system conform to the highest industrial consumer requirements.

In 2013, the turnover of the company was of 2 million € and nowadays, the company has 19 employees. It must be pointed out the sales of solvents-based coatings of CASTELLANO SME are 880% of total sales, which gives an idea of the significance of this line for the company. It is a fact that a lot of technical-industrial applications still requiere the higher physical-chemical resistances characteristic of solvents based paint. Indeed, much of the industrial companies (users of coatings) are looking first at the quality of the paint, second at the price, and only o the third place at the environmental benefits. CASTELLANO intends to give to its market a chance to use coatings with high performance properties, being from renewable resources.

The company is aware of the impact of the VOCs emission and they are concerned about this fact trend towards the use of renewable resources (instead of fossil ones). CASTELLANO considers to reach lower VOC-emissions, matching if possible with the highest standards. In such a way, the replacement of the actual hydrocarbon solvents by Eco-solvents is a promising way.


The four main market segments for CASTELLANO PEINTURES: Fleets, sailing ships or boats; Navy in general; Aeronautics and Building.


CASTELLANO is near the port of Marseille from its creation. Therefore, it has always allowed to be near the problems of seamen and of all the industry around the sea. Nowaday, they offer to the Navy antifouling paints which have been especially for each ship and application.


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