The EUROPEAN COUNCIL OF THE PAINT, PRINTING INK AND ARTISTS’ COLOURS INDUSTRY (established in 1951) represents the interests of paint, printing ink and artists´ colours companies at European level. CEPE is a non-profit organization, which represents, promotes and protects the common interest of the European paint, printing ink and artists' colours industries.


CEPE has approx. 900 members of which some 600 are SMEs. CEPE works in close cooperation with the members -national associations and companies- and makes use of their knowledge, experience and networks.


CEPE’s main activities are: 1) Development of industry priorities and positions, particularly in the area of safety, health and environment; 2) Establishing industry standards and best practices; 3) Participating in the European legislative processes; 4) Providing forums for various business segments as well as expert groups to discuss issues and formulate positions; 5) Providing the members with relevant information; 6) Maintaining contacts with organizations and with institutions active in industrial sectors using paints and/or printing inks; and 7) Collecting and disseminating the relevant information or guidance to its members.


CEPE members consider a development to be sustainable only when its impacts on the three pillars of sustainability, being people, planet and prosperity, have been assessed and when they do not violate the below described principles or the conditions for these three.

CEPE holds its secretariat in Brussels and employs 8 staff members.




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