STEARINERIE DUBOIS FILS is now a major actor of the fatty esters for domains such as Cosmetics, Pharmaceutics, Confectionery Glazing, Metal Working, Plastics and Rubbers, Fragrances, Paints and Coatings. Stéarinerie DUBOIS proposes a range of around 250 different esters monofunctionnal, polyfunctionnal, complex esters, or mixes to give a technical solution to a wide variety of customers for solubility, viscosity, lubricating properties, Lipophilic/Hydrophilic Balance or texture.

Its expertise is based on ester synthesis either by direct esterification or trans-esterification, following Fisher’s mechanism, which means that we work with mild temperature and pressure conditions, with low-toxicity catalyst, and that our process can be considered as safe. Almost all our synthesis are made in solvent free-medium, the raw materials and the products being their own solvents. Our expertise is strongly linked with the concept of atom economies. That gives us a key position in Green Chemistry development.

Stéarinerie DUBOIS was created in 1820 near Paris. It reached its settlement in Ciron, in the center of France in 1965. It’s nowadays a 122 employees’ firm that is still family-owned.


DUBOIS is an actor of the trend of changes from fossil carbon chemistry to bio-based chemistry. Synthesizes are made with raw materials both from fossil and from renewable origin (50/50), with an ever increasing part of the latter. It  works on increasing its chemical process efficiency for lowering by-products’ levels and energy or fluid consumptions to fit Customers’ requirements and always in the aim of Regulations compliance.

DUBOIS has already participated to some collaborative research projects for an increasing use of renewable feedstocks as raw materials for lubricants and plasticizers industry, such as NANOCAT and IBIOLAB, with the development of a new molecule and generating its production.



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  ECOBIOFOR has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under Grant Agreement nº [605215].