INDUSTRIAS QUIMICAS IRURENA S.A. started is a Spanish SME created in 1972. IRURENA is specialized in the manufacturing and sale of products such as varnishes, solvents and stains for wood and furniture industry. This specialization has given rise to the development of a wide range of products for the wood coating sector, giving it a leading position in the market.

In 2013, the turnover of the company was of 12 million € and nowadays, the company has 61 employees. It must be pointed out the sales of water-based coatings of IRURENA SME are 15% of total sales, which gives an idea of the significance of this line for the company.

INDUSTRIAS QUÍMICAS IRURENA is one of the leading brands in Spain, which is an atomized market. Export sales get over 30%. Countries such as France, Ireland, UK, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Romania and Dubai are markets where INDUSTRIAS QUÍMICAS IRURENA is present through different distributors.

The four main market segments for INDUSTRIAS QUÍMICAS IRURENA are: Furniture manufacturers, Doors and moldings manufacturers, Floor parquet manufacturers, Windows and outdoor furniture manufacturers.

INDUSTRIAS QUÍMICAS IRURENA’s catalogue of products includes a wide range of different families adapted to each segment: indoor/outdoor, UV curing, solvent/water based, etc.

INDUSTRIAS QUÍMICAS IRURENA multidisciplinary team has been involved in projects with worldwide multinationals (BAYER, Cray-valley, DSM) and research institutions (Cidetec, Tecnalia, Gaiker, Tekniker) and universities (Mondragon Unibertsitatea) in several European countries.

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