Institut Univ. de Ciència i Tecnologia is a high tech company of industrial technological innovation aimed at developing, implementing and promoting new technologies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and environmental sectors. With more than fifteen years of experience and over 45 employees, the research activity of IUCT is focused on biotechnology, drug discovery, drug development and sustainable chemistry with special focus on safer chemical design.  IUCT also has eight Technological Platforms and more than seventy –five proprietary projects already developed.

IUCT has established deals and business with more than 550 companies and R&D laboratories worldwide, carrying out more than 40 R&D projects to third parties under contract research.

Currently, IUCT is engaged in several R&D projects financially supported by national programs as well as the EU under the FP6  (e.g. FP6-IP-SME-SOLVSAFE Contract No 011771-2), FP7 (e.g. TRANSLINK PROJECT, GRAIL PROJECT) or EUROSTAR (E!4400 DISC-SCREEN) and EUREKA (E! 7593 2G-BIOFUEL).

IUCT is considered a model in sustainable chemistry in Spain, being the Spanish chapter of the Green Chemistry Institute of the ACS and also one of the founding fathers of the Biobased Industry Consortium which is currently preparing a Public Private Partnership on Bioeconomy.

IUCT Pipeline: IUCT has a large pipeline of products, processes and technologies, developed in all areas of IUCT over the past 15 years, which are protected by patents and industrial secrecy. The business activity within IUCT is based on technological transfer and the development of R&D projects under contract. The developments of the IUCT R&D projects have led to the approval of 65 patents.

In summary, IUCT is widely recognized as an innovation company and a valuable technological partner for providing expertise, scientific knowledge and managerial capacities in order to fulfill ECOBIOFOR main goals.






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  ECOBIOFOR has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under Grant Agreement nº [605215].