LIPPENS PAINTS is since 1947 producing paints. LIPPENS is producing industrial and building paints and varnishes in one and two component systems. LIPPENS is a SME company with 22 employees, which shareholders are 100% family-members. Nowadays, the company management is the 3rd generation and it is coaching the 4th generation for the future. LIPPENS has always been focusing his efforts in the development & production of high performing industrial (i.e. military paints). Thanks to its continuous efforts in production, in know-how, in management and R&D, LIPPENS can provide each costumer with a paint or paint system conform to the highest industrial standards or costumers requirements. LIPPENS is member of the Belgian Federation Chemical Industry ESSENSCIA, of its subdivision IVP-Paints, which is associated with CEPE.


LIPPENS has participated at some EC-project: BE-S2-34 “Intrinsically conductive polymers for waterborne corrosion inhibiting primers- IPC’S”, FAIR-CT98-9588 “Bioliquid mixtures for solvent applications- BIOSOLVANTS”, BES2-5411 “Improved corrosion testing methods for marine protective coatings”, and COOP-CT-2006-032873 “Hygienic coating with active ingredient controlled release- HYCORE”. LIPPENS’s lab and its personnel will be at the disposal for this project, where they make paint-samples, apply them on different substrates and test them. LIPPENS foresees its collaboration in: participation at the meetings and share the know-how, selection of objective solvents, production of paint samples and validation when using bio-based solvents, and Validation of bio-solvents in special formulations as 2-component high-solid paints.

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