PROCOAT - CONSORTIUM FOR THE PROMOTION OF COATINGS was founded in May 2003 and has currently 40 members, of which 18 are SMEs (45%). Members not only include industrial companies but also institutional members and academic institutions. Among members there are also four Italian associations involving SMEs in the  paints, varnishes and colorants industry, including producers and applicators: FEDERCOLORI Confcommercio Imprese per l' Italia (, Ass. Nazionale Verniciatori Decoratori Stuccatori Restauratori (, FEDERCHIMICA AVISA ( & NORDOVEST IMPRESE  (


PROCOAT, a consortium of coating companies and institutions for training and research in coating science and technology, is addressed to the Chemical industry in Italy, which is characterized by SMEs, Italian medium and large companies and foreign owned companies. SMEs play a very important role in many European countries but their presence is particularly important in Italy where they account for 41% of the total value of production. Such companies are active especially in fine & specialty chemicals where scale economies are not very relevant and the key of success often consists in offering to customers tailor made products.


The main focus of PROCOAT is to link the industrial and business world and the academic environment, overcoming the traditional distance and poor understanding of each other. PROCOAT is devoted to divulgate new tendencies of coating technologies. Due to its link with the academic world, they promote dissemination activities on new technologies organizing conferences, participating in European events giving conferences and lectures related to protective coatings. Since 2004 PROCOAT has been running the only Academic Master available in Italy in coatings science and technology in cooperation with their founding member Politecnico di Torino.

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