SWISS BIOTECH ASSOCIATION was founded in March 1998.

SBA is the industry association of small and medium-sized enterprises active in all areas of biotechnology as well as a very good networking platform for the multinational companies’ active in the sector. SBA, that has the support of EUROPABIO, is strong on dissemination activities, allowing the SME members to share and develop their ideas collectively. Activities of member companies span different sectors of biotechnology including (bio-) pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, agriculture, food, environmental biotechnology, nanotech, nutrition, marine-oriented research and specialty chemicals.


SBA has well over 200 members, of which more than 90% are SMEs. The Industrial Biotech Platform within the SBA pools the interest of Swiss companies (members and non-members) active in the field of Industrial or White Biotech. Over the last years the Swiss Biotech Association has steadily developed its activities and is working on a national action plan on “Cleantech by Biotech”. Besides pooling of research and the creation of a viable network, one of the main goals is the awareness rising of alternative, “clean” processes within chemical industry, including the paint and varnish industry.

The SBA Association works closely with the regional Life Science Clusters of Switzerland, the federal agency CTI/KTI, the national Science Foundation, the financial place of Switzerland and the national KTT-initiatives.


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