FUNDACION TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION is a Spanish private and non-profit research organization that is the result of the merger of 8 Research and Technological organizations: LABEIN, INASMET, ROBOTIKER, FATRONIK, CIDEMCO, ESI, LEIA and EUVE. It was set up in 2011 incorporating within it the experience, career and strengths of the above mentioned organizations, with a broad, extensive curriculum focused on R&D innovation as a competitive strategy. TECNALIA is the leading private R&D entity in Spain and the fifth largest in Europe, with a staff of over 1,400 (168 PhDs) and an annual turnover of approximately 110 M€;


TECNALIA filled 58 patents, has 4000 clients and 28 spin-offs (2012). The keys turning the vision of TECNALIA into reality are marked by the following: its private nature, the focusing of its activity on Applied Research and the fact that it is a centre of international excellence (International R&D contracts, foreign researchers, and international accompaniment of local industries, licences, IP, etc.).


The area involved in the project belongs to the Sustainable Construction Division with an important experience in the field of materials’ development. In the FP7, the Sustainable Construction Division of TECNALIA participates in 37 projects and coordinates 15 of them. It has a wide experience in coordination of Research of SME projects such as FACOMP & HEFEST (2007), NOFIRE (2008), EFFACEUR, EFFACEUR & BIMOSIN (2010), CESAR, NANOFRABS (2011), MODCONS (2012) and HIFIVENT and ECOBIOFOR (2013). Besides, it has participated in several projects in previous FPs coordinating several of them such as HYCORE & TERMISOL (2006), LOVACS (2003) and KNOW-CONSTRUCT (2002).






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  ECOBIOFOR has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under Grant Agreement nº [605215].