INSTITUT NATIONAL POLYTECHNIQUE TOULOUSE is a French federation of 3 Higher Engineering Schools providing education and conducting research in the fields of Agronomy, Chemical Sciences, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Computer Sciences, Telecommunications, and Chemical Engineering. INPT was set up in 1969 and nowadays has 1050 employees. The INPT delivers about 600 engineer diplomas and 100 doctorate diplomas per year. One thousand researchers and research students work within 15 research laboratories, most of which are associated to the CNRS or to the INRA organisations. INPT is involved in several international schemes (54 co-operation agreements, more than 700 student exchanges), including European Education ones (Erasmus, Tempus, Leonardo, Human Capital and Mobility/TMR, ATLANTIS …).

Industrial partnership is widely developed and encouraged within INP (10 Million Euro worth collaborative research contracts per year), and technology transfer is a priority (creation of SME's, licensing policy, about 120 French patents filed by INP or industrial partners, 40+ INP international patents,…). 16 R&D projects have been performed under the Sixth framework program with 3.6 million Euros of financial support from the European Commission.

The research work within the ECOBIOFOR project will be performed by the LCA - LABORATOIRE DE CHIMIE AGRO-INDUSTRIELLE - (UMR 1010 INRA/INP-INPT) geographically situated in two separated facilities (Toulouse &Tarbes). The LCA is specialised in the chemical transformation of agro-resources for non-food uses, in the following research fields: Fractionation & Chemical transformation of natural resources, Chemical reactivity of agromolecules and Lipochemistry, and Analytical Chemistry and Environment.

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  ECOBIOFOR has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under Grant Agreement nº [605215].