ECOBIOFOR Project Structure

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Management Structure

11 partners [5 SME associations, 3 Other enterprises and end-users (2 SMEs & 1 LARGE) and 3 RTD performers] from 6 different European countries will take part in the ECOBIOFOR project. To succeed in the management of such project a clear and well defined management structure is required.

The close collaboration among SME-AGs, OTHERs and RTD performers within the management structure as well as the decision making mechanism shall ensure that all relevant project decisions are taken under knowledge and agreement of the consortium, and especially of the SME-AGs and SMEs. Any relevant technical and economic decision comprising the project results will be taken by the Steering Committee, assisted by the other Committees.

The following management structure has been designed:


Committees /

Working groups




STEERING Committee

  • CEPE as chairman (with the coordinator support)
  • 1 representative from partner

Kick off, M6, M12, M20, & M27

Extraordinary SC meeting can be foreseen.


  • Exploitation & IP Manager
  • Dissemination Manager
  • 1 Representative per SME-AG

Kick off, M6, M12, M20, & M27

Additional meetings may be also organised overall in the third year of the project.


  • Project coordinator
  • WP leaders

Conference call will be organised every 3 months

Physical or phone conference meetings may be organised when necessary.

External Advisory Experts

  • Experts in green raw materials & sustainability/legislation

M12 & M27

These meetings will occur during SC meetings as a support to SC.

This management operational structure foresees 2 Review Meetings with the EC: A Mid-term Review (M15) that could be held in Brussels in order to report on the progress achieved and redefine (if necessary) the programme, and a Final Review (M27) at coordinator’s facilities.

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  ECOBIOFOR has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under Grant Agreement nº [605215].