WP1 "Coordination and Project Management"

Leader: Participant No. 1 (TECNALIA)


  • To manage the consortium of partners and to manage the project to ensure the objective are met by efficient use of resources.
  • To provide administrative and financial management and effective project coordination.
  • To organise the project partners, extra resources, and solve conflicts to carry out the project activities in due time according to the project programme.
  • To maintain an efficient communication with EU Commission providing on time all the requested documents, and to act as an interlocutor between project participants and the EU Commission.
  • To ensure that training, demonstration, dissemination and exploitation activities are performed correctly for the benefit of all participants in the project.

To achieve the project objectives with the required quality level when it comes to costs and timing, throughout the whole project life: 27 Months. The project has been divided in 2 reporting periods:

  • Reporting period 1 (RP1): from Month 1 to Month 12.
  • Reporting period 2 (RP2): from Month 13 to Month 27.


TECNALIA will be the Project Coordinator and responsible for financial/administrative management on a day-to-day work. The Project Coordinator will be Dr. Idoia Etxeberria who will be the official contact point for the European Commission. 

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